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Female Body Language

Female Body LanguageIt might not be general knowledge, but knowing the female body language can provide you with a big advantage over your competitors. Strangely enough, her body language can tell you much more than the spoken word ever can. It is unfortunate that many men don't even pick up on the most basic nonverbal signals from women. 

To master this skill you will have to be more aware of a woman's open and closed gestures and you must also be able to correctly interpret them. Do keep in mind that external factors, like having a bad day at work, can also affect a woman's behaviour. 

Female Body Language Tips

These tips are the most common female courtship gestures that you will come across.

1. Touching herself.

Women are by nature more open to experience touch than men, mostly because they have quite a lot more nerve censors than men which enables them to be more sensitive.

If a woman slowly and sensually strokes the back of her neck, throat or even her thigh, it is a signal that shows that the lucky man will also have this privilege. By touching herself in this way, she is also imagining what a partner's touch would feel like. You may have been witness to many such events because it is such a powerful female body language method to attract men.

2. Exposing her wrists.

If a woman is interested in a man, she will expose the soft, smooth underside of her wrists to a potential male companion and the rate at which she flashes her wrists will increase as her attraction grows stronger. Because a woman's wrist is a very delicate skin area, it has always been considered to be a highly erotic area.

3. Rolling of the hips.

It is a natural fact that women have wider hips than men, mostly because they are child bearers and this together with the fact that they have a much wider crotch gap between their legs than men, allows them to highlight their pelvic region when they walk. Men can not do this and it therefore becomes a very powerful difference between the sexes.

4. The shoe fondle.

This is also a very powerful female body language technique where the woman just dangles the shoe on the end of her foot. This serves two purposes, it indicates a relaxed attitude and also simulates phallic movement by thrusting the foot in and out of the shoe. It is no surprise that this action has an unsettling effect on many men without them knowing or understanding its meaning.

5. The fondling of a cylindrical object.

This is an unconscious act in which a woman will use any penis shaped object like the stem of a wine glass, a dangling earring or even a finger. This act can be very revealing about what is currently happening in a woman's mind. These gestures clearly indicates that a woman is into you and you can make your move with confidence.

6. A limp wrist.

A limp wrist while walking or sitting down is a woman's submission signal to the man. Men find this very attractive because they feel that they can then more easily dominate and be in charge.

7. Physical contact.

Female body language interpretation does not get easier than this. It is always a good sign when a woman touches you while speaking to you or while laughing. This is without a doubt a sure sign that she is interested.

8. Lips.

A woman's lips is very sensual and they use it to draw attention to them in a variety of ways. More often than not a woman will wet her lips repeatedly in order to draw a guy's attention to her lips and maybe later a kiss is on the cards.

When a woman is biting her lips, it might be because she is nervous, probably because of a guy's stare but it can also indicate that she is flirting with you. You need to make the call.

9. Running her fingers through her hair. 

When a woman is running her fingers through her hair, she is most definitely trying to get your attention. You should also be aware of the way in which she touches her hair as this can be indicative of her temperament. First prize is when this action is slow and purposeful but a quicker motion can signal nervousness or embarrassment.

10. The sideways glance over a raised shoulder.

A woman's raised shoulder is a symbol of her rounded breasts. Women implement this technique by slightly drooping their eyelids and holding a man's gaze just long enough for him to take notice after which she immediately looks away.

So what is the number one flirting technique that women use to get the attention of a man - it is a smile. Men tend to overlook this completely. If a women looks you in the eyes and smiles, it means that she is interested and you will have anything from 1 to 5 minutes to engage her. If you fail to do this, she will assume that you have no confidence and no game.

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How to know if she likes you : 

Women tend to smile a lot when they like a guy. They can not help it .

She will use flirtatious glances down or away and she will initiate direct eye contact.

When you speak to her, her eyes will sparkle and also dilate.

When she just wants to be friends :

While hugging you for either a hello or goodbye, she will pat your back.

While talking to you, she will look around the room at other guys.

She will not respond to you physically even when you flirt with her.







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