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How To Make Women Laugh

Make Women LaughIf you are able to make women laugh, you will most definitely be able to attract women on demand. Did you notice how funny men are always surrounded by women? If you have trouble using all the other techniques to attract women, maybe you are just not comfortable with it or you just seem to never achieve success with them, then you can rest assured that by learning how to make women laugh, you too can become one of the popular men who can attract women with humor.

There is only one problem you need to address : being surrounded by women does not mean that they will want to get into bed with you. It also doesn't necessarily mean that these women would want to form a meaningful relationship just because you know how to make them laugh.

You need to eliminate the dreaded friend zone. In order to do this, you have to make sure that you use humor in the correct way, which will not only make women laugh but it will trigger a reaction that will enable you to attract women who will be interested in dating you. To achieve this, you need to draw women in with humor and flirt with women in a way that will stir desire. When you are trying to make women laugh, you should do so in a flirtatious manner. This will signal your interest but you need to be careful not to be seen as a just a clown or a joker.

Learn How To Make Women Laugh 

Tips to keep in mind when attempting to make women laugh : 

1. Try to get your hands on new material. It won't have the desired effect if you are going to tell jokes that are old and outdated. You need to be able to draw them in and surprise them with the punch line.

2. Be careful when you tell a joke that involves someone else. If this person did something funny, you can use this in your attempt to make women laugh but you need to make a call on how appropriate it would be. Make sure that by sharing a joke or referring to something funny that someone did, you don't make that person look bad.

3. Don't overdo it. Be careful not to just pump out jokes, but rather give the conversation time to go into a new direction. If given a chance, the conversation will start to progress and you will be able to talk in a more relaxed and casual manner which will give you a chance to charm the women. Humor to make women laugh should just be the catalyst to get things going.

4. Try to identify the type of humor to use. Not all women will laugh at the same jokes. If you can pinpoint a woman's sense of humor, you can greatly increase your chances to make women laugh. Start with a general type of humor and adjust it accordingly.

5. It is a good idea not to laugh at your own jokes. I am not saying that you need to put on a serious face, you can smile, but don't laugh as this may also ruin the punch line.

6. Practice. Use your male or female friends to help you achieve the desired effect. Give special attention to your female friends, as they will be a good indication as to how successful you will be in your attempt to make women laugh.

If you combine humor with flirtation, you will get results. It is a well known fact that you will be able to attract women if you do this correctly.

Learn How To Make Women Laugh




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