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How To Approach Women

Most men seem to think that knowing how to approach women is only reserved for really gifted and brave men for they will not make a fool of themselves. Have you ever felt that if you were able to pick up women, the rest would be easy in comparison ? If that is the case you are probably very frustrated that you still don't understand the art of approaching a women that you don't know. Don't be discouraged, you will be excited to know that there are a few simple tricks on how to approach women. 

Yes! Please Tell Me How To Approach Women


Firstly - You have to Know Where To Meet Women.   

It is only logical that you will first have to find a woman before you can approach her.

You might have already learned that some places are more suited to meet women than others. It is for example not a good idea to pick up women in a grocery store or the gym or any other place where they're trying to take care of business and will probably be reluctant to chat because they are pressed for time.

It is of course advised to approach a woman if you know that you might probably not get another chance. It is better to have tried rather than doing nothing. Your chances of getting a positive response will however be greatly increased if you visit places where women like to relax and would therefore be open towards meeting somebody. It could be at coffee shops, book stores, dog parks, clubs etc.


Secondly - Know About The Walk Away Approach.  

Most men who think they know how to approach women will go straight from hello to getting a phone number within the first few minutes. This is problem because you will appear needy and it reveals your interest without giving you a chance to build your social value. It is better to make your approach a brief one, get a response from her and return to your business  or walk away.

By doing this you will be accomplishing two objectives : firstly you will not appear needy and secondly it will keep her in the dark which will make her wonder whether or not you are interested in her and curiosity can easily turn into interest. It will also give you an opportunity to test her response in order for you to decide if you will be interested in her. After you have approached her and walked away, it will just be so much easier to return and engage her again

Thirdly - Use The Observational Approach.

If you fall under the category of guys who think that you will have to have a whole routine memorised in order to approach women before you engage in communication, think again. A natural approach will always get better results. This implies that you will have to become good at using conversational starters.

This is not as difficult as it sounds. The problem is that most guys never practice this until they see their dream girl. They then find themselves at a loss for words and are reduced to stuttering fools. Not a nice experience at all ! You will never be able to learn how to pick up women if you test your skills under this kind of pressure.

You have to practice these conversational starters whenever you have a chance, I mean everyone : guys, girls, fat people that you normally skip and old people etc. By doing this your conversational skills will be sharp when you finally find that amazing women that you are attracted to.

There is a saying : "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining."

The art of approaching women is not some magical feat that requires some out of this world strategies. Like everything in life, it only requires consistent practice. Use these three tips and see yourself become a master. 


Yes! Please Tell Me How To Approach Women








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