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First Date Ideas  

First Date IdeasDon't you just hate it when you are trying to come up with something special to do and all you can think of is the same old activities : a movie, dinner, a concert, a picnic. Don't worry, you are not alone. Just about every man will face the dilemma of not knowing what to do on a first date at least once. This is your lucky day, you will find quite a few interesting date ideas to enthrall her on your first date.

Don't get me wrong, a dinner and movie approach has its merits, but if you want to stand out you will have to be different.


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What is the definition of an ideal first date? A good first date activity must allow ample opportunity for conversation but at the same time it should also take some of the focus off you allowing you some breathing space.

The fist date ideas that you are going to discover will provide the correct balance between conversation and distraction. Do keep in mind that not every first date idea will be suited for every type of girl. You need to make the call on this. Keep the basics in mind. Decide if she loves outdoor activities or maybe she prefers adrenalin pumping activities. She might be a quiet type of person in which case she might enjoy a trip to the museum. Enough preaching.

Here is a list of first date activities that you can choose from :

1. Take A Nice Long Walk.

This is a very good idea for a first date because it not only allows you to relax but you will also have your surroundings to bring about some extra ideas in the event that you find yourself without words. Depending on your location, you can take walks on the beach or at a waterfall or even just a park will do.

2. Drinks With A Twist.

This first date idea will be ideal if you need a quick escape but can also be nice if your date turns out to be what you were looking for. If she is the spirit of Medusa, you can just greet her politely and Carl Lewis to your car. So, what is the twist you ask. Well, it needs to be a location with a view. Examples of such places are :

  • A not too secluded lakeside dock where you can be near the water or on a riverbank bench.
  • A botanical garden.
  • On a hilltop - you can watch all sorts of activities like people flying kites or remote controlled gliders, sailing, paragliding etc.
  • Identify an area where you can watch some unusual sport like lawn bowling or water polo.

3. Go Bowling. 

Just about every town will have a bowling alley. There is always a relaxing atmosphere which will enable your date to let her hair down and have some old-school fun.

4. Visit The Aquarium.

Aquariums are a great place to have a first date because there are so many species that you can view and discuss and because of it, conversation will flow easily.

5. The Theater. 

Going to the theater for your first date is certainly more original than a movie and it is more classy. You can both dress up and just enjoy the experience.

6. The Art Gallery.

This will be a good choice for a first date when you have a girl that is interested in the arts. Do try and do a bit of homework, not only will it make you more knowledgeable, but also because it needs to fall within her taste.

7. Discover Your Own Town.

Why not try being a tourist in your own town. Get some information at your local tourism office and discover all the secret places and history right on your own doorstep.

8. Try New Cuisine.

Make it more interesting than just going to a restaurant. Be more adventurous and check out a new ethnic cuisine, but make sure it is something that neither of you have tried before.

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