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Confidence With Women

Confidence With WomenThis is what everything really comes down to - confidence with women. It does not matter if you are fat, bold or even ugly, when women are in the company of a man that immediately exudes confidence, they will be interested.

Unfortunately, most of us are not born with an abundance of self confidence, especially around women. It is probably the number one factor that prevents most men from meeting and attracting women. Most men will just either accept that they are a failure or will lose interest because of repeated rejection. You can fix this. There are many ways to boost your self confidence, but you need to make the decision that you want to change your current situation and start believing in yourself.

The guys that you envy because of their success with women, are not special. They are normal men like you and me. Trust me, you probably have much more to offer them, but because of your lack of confidence with women, you deny yourself the opportunity to have many fulfilling dates.

I am going to give you a few easy pointers to help you, but you need to realize that a lot depends on your ability to want to change the position that you find yourself in.

Get Confidence With Women

First Impressions.

It is important to start with that which you have control over - your appearance. By making sure that your attire will be acceptable when you go out, you increase your chances to make a good first impression. Confidence with women actually starts with dressing the part, which will also immediately boost your self confidence. Give special attention to your shoes - it is one of the first things women tend to notice about your appearance.


Try to overcome your shyness by practicing these simple techniques :

1. When you go out shopping, identify a woman and just smile politely at her. Don't give her the joker-face, just a polite, friendly smile. You will find that more often that not, she will smile back at you. Do this a few times and you will be amazed at how this will make you feel. I know this is very basic, but you will start to feel the effect immediately and you will be one step closer to having confidence with women.

2. The next step would be to attempt a friendly "hello" or "hi". Again, you will be surprised at how many women will acknowledge you by returning your greeting, even though they don't know you at all. By now you might even start to feel that you never had a problem to begin with, but don't be over enthusiastic as building confidence with women don't just happen overnight.

3. After you have practiced step 1 and 2, you can now start to approach a woman that you are attracted to. Do refrain from thinking about it too much, just do it. It is not the end of the world if she does not respond in a positive way. This can also be good, it will help you to move on and eventually you won't even be bothered by it anymore.


Posture says a lot about a person. Some men don't even realize that this is standing between them and their ideal date. Women will notice this and immediately form an opinion. Women are attracted to men with a straight and upright posture.

Physical Contact.

This can be a tricky one. Only attempt light touches after you have mastered the basics of improving your confidence with women. This can be highly effective but you need to show that you are not scared to enter a woman's personal space.

Never give up on yourself, you can have success with women just like all the other guys that you envy. A healthy dose of self confidence will also help you to become better at meeting and attracting women.

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Self Confidence With Women


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  Get Confidence With Women 

Confidence is actually something that can be developed, regardless of your dating background. So how do you do this ?

It's simple! Just follow the 5 steps I am going to teach you and you will be on your way to develop superior confidence around women.

Step 1 - Develop the right mindset.

If you want to become an incredibly confident person, you need to develop the attitude you'll NEVER fail. Now, while you will fail from time to time, you have to create the mindset that failure is not a bad thing.

Even when you fail, you should look at it as a learning experience and an opportunity to learn what went wrong. In essence, you're embracing any setback as a chance to learn from your mistakes.

Step 2 - Practice confidence every moment of the day.

In order to become confident you must practice this attitude all the time. It's not something you can turn on and off during specific periods of the day. That means that you can't act like a confident person one time and then like a wuss during other periods.

If you want to become a confident male, you must ACT like a confident male - all the time!

Step 3 - Fake it till you make it.

There will be times when you don't feel particularly confident. But if you don't have this attitude, you have to pretend like you do.

The old adage is true - you must fake it till you make it. By acting like you're confident, you'll at least give off the appearance of someone who is comfortable with himself.

The funny thing is, over time, faking confidence will actually lead you to develop this kind of attitude.

Step 4 - Talk to everyone around you.

Now the key to becoming confident ALL the time, is to engage everyone you meet in conversation. As you probably know, a lack of confidence is caused by an inability to become comfortable around the people we encounter in our lives.

The only way to overcome this, is to constantly talk to people you meet. Ultimately, the more you do this, the quicker you'll develop superior confidence around women.

Step 5 - Give off positive energy.

Your final step to becoming a superiorly confident male, is to give off positive energy everywhere you go. By being an energetic and fun person, you'll become somebody who women will WANT to be around.

Just remember that energy and enthusiasm, is something that should be shared with everyone near you. It is kind of like karma, the more positive things you do, the more it'll be returned back to you.

Superior confidence with women does not come naturally for many men. However, if you learn how to develop and control it, you'll become the kind of guy who ALL women will want to be around. 

Confidence In The Bedroom ?

This is always a sensitive subject for many men who suffer from anxiety and as a result of this, they fail to perform in bed. You can easily address this problem by considering any of the natural products that are freely available.    

There is nothing wrong with taking supplements, especially if they are natural and won't cause you any harm. This does not make you less of a man at all and it is important that you belief that.


Confidence is not something that happens overnight, think of it as an ongoing project until you feel that you have reached your desired level of confidence. This might happen much sooner than you think - many men just need a little push in the right direction and some good advice. Mark my words, as soon as you have a very positive experience with a woman, you will immediately feel a rush of adrenaline followed by the realisation that you can also have confidence with women, just like all the other men that make it look so easy.    





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